House Leading with Common-Sense Approach to Complex School Finance Issue

AUSTIN, TEXAS (July 31, 2017)–The following statement on Chairman Huberty’s new school finance bill and House Committee approval of House Bill 21 should be attributed to Dr. Guy Sconzo, Executive Director, Fast Growth School Coalition (FGSC):

“While we are sorry to see the $75 million in Existing Debt Allotment (EDA) funds removed from the school finance bill, we applaud the work of House Public Education Committee Chairman Dan Huberty in his revisions to the House school finance legislation and fully support this bill.

“House Bill 21, which the committee approved by a 9-1 vote, reflects a thoughtful, common-sense approach to the very complex issue of school finance.

“In particular, we’re heartened to see charter school facilities stripped from this bill. This move is a win for local taxpayers, who are already suffering from a lack of state support for public school facilities debt relief. Make no mistake: funding for charter facilities funding would mean less funding for local property tax relief.

“As we have made clear, local taxpayers will only see real property tax relief when the state funds its public school system sufficiently, including school district facilities.

“We hope the full House and Texas Senate will embrace this common-sense approach and important first step in comprehensive school finance reform, too.”

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Media contact: Jennifer Harris, 512-773-7168